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This is our special girl. Born with us on February 26th 2021 and already experienced so much in her short life. Oxygen deficiency at birth has caused brain damage, so that she does not drink herself and eats with difficulty at times. I have fed her manually since she was born. She also suffers from tremors and she has an imbalance in her balance. She is very sensitive to sounds. If she has a difficult period, we feed her with a feeding syringe which she takes without any problems. Which we have been doing for most of her life so far. But we encourage her to eat herself as much as possible. In addition, we give her extra fluids via a feeding syringe every day. So our worry girl.
Since October 21 she started to eat and drink completely on her own! This only shows that the brain is a mystery and amazing organ as it shows that it recoverded (at least a small part). Despite on what the neurologist said that it would never happen after 3 months of age. He actually advised me to put her to sleep at 10 weeks of age. I am glad i did not listen to him ;-)

But apart from all her problems, she is an overall healthy kitten with a very cheerful and happy life. And she can do a lot. She goes to the litter box on her own, plays with the other cats and kittens and loves getting attention. Plays intensively with toys and other things she encounters. She loves attention from everyone. One of her favorite places is to lie on the shoulder and then purs enormously. She likes everything. But make no mistake, because madam has character.....as befits a tortie and Turk and that makes her even more lovable we think ;-)

Tuff will continue to live with us as a spay and is registered as a HHP with TICA. We cannot part with her....


Tuff 6 months old

Tuff 4 months old

Tuff 3 months old 


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