LA BW SGC Havvanur's Hammer Time

Or short Hammer! Born on december 18th 2016 and from day 1 he made sure to give an impression so we couldn't forget him. An amazing boy in every way in the color white odd-eyed. Not only by his looks but for sure his personality is amazing without loosing the Turkish angora way. He has made his impression not only to me but to a lot of people he meets.


TICA 2016-2017
Best Turkish Angora kitten international (Breed Winner - BW)

TICA 2017-2018
Best Turkish Angora (Breed Winner - BW),
7th best cat international (IW (International Winner)),
second best cat Europe North

TICA 2018-2019
sixteenth best longhair cat Europe North (RW)

TICA 2019-2020
Third best Turkish Angora
13th best cat Europe North (RW)
Titel Lifetime Achievement (LA) by getting 2 x RW and 1 x IW




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